Celebrating The Wonderful Women In My Life

The 2 women in my life that inspired my style, my designs and my strength at dealing with life in general! They were 2 amazing women that survived WWII hiding in plain sight in a small village called LeBreuil in the middle of France…..

Both these women influenced me in oh so many different ways.

Monique (my mother)

Monique, my mother, started as a make-up artist… did the 60’s body painting thing… had her own line of cosmetics, took up yoga and then pottery… lived in Japan… started rehabbing old houses in Venice and never stopped doing whatever she saw as fun and artistic. A true business woman! She had a very strong work ethic… Everything she touched turned into beauty.

She loved helping me play with stones and combinations of color and form. She loved big earrings and bracelets… never wore rings… go figure.

Here is a bracelet I made inspired by a childhood cuff circa 1930’s that broke and I was so intrigued that she kept it..It made it thru the war and what a cool clasp!

She also loved pins and bracelets…

Nelly (my grandmother).

When I remember my childhood and early adult life, I always think of my maternal grandmother, the inimitable first choice, Nelly Rosenfeld, my “Mamie.”

Growing up, Mamie was the most important person in my life. She was my model for unconditional love and quiet determination. Always supporting taking a considered chance. She left this world at age 97 and thinking about her still fills me with wonder and a mountain of affection.

In addition to being my family’s grand-dame, she was a designer of women’s clothes. For years she was the head pattern maker for Jean-Louis Scherrer, Academy Award winning Haute Couture costume designer in Paris.

Her talent and sweet demeanor inspire me on a daily basis and when I stumble or struggle with some sort of roadblock, I ask myself “What would Mamie say?”… and voila she sends the answer to me via the ether!

She dressed the stars, including Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. She was strong minded and kind, she loved my jewelry…

She absolutely loved Opals…

Now a little something about me: I started out acting in motion pictures for my Dad… educational films… yeah got bit by the bug… took acting classes at Lee Strassborg method..got a few tv roles..a commercial..a lead in a play ..but was told I should have something else to fall back on as a profession… (dad) so I went into Nursing… loved helping make people feel better and continued in that direction… went back to school to go into social work until I took on a part time job to pay bills by making jewelry for a Crystal Jewlery Company… (I took a few classes in high school in jewelry arts) studied at odd times and working until late in the night… I fell in love with soldering and designing and the rest is history! My inspiration for jewelry design comes from the art deco era..love the simple lines and details. My grandfather loved to go to the Parisian auction houses after the war and buy jewels for Nelly and Monique and curiosities… I could play with them for hours!

My favourite stones are agates.because of the wild west and our Wyoming days and my cowboy Edward! I also love moonstones (also known as the woman’s stone)…