If you have a vision that you’d like to bring to life, we’re here to help. For years now we’ve been helping our customers create completely custom timepieces that can be handed down throughout the family, so no matter what you’re looking for feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help…


We talk about the vision for that perfect piece of jewelry. Together, we discuss what you would like us to work with. A stone you already have or one we find for you.

We talk about your ideas, dreams..meaning, sentiments and how you would like your special sparkle to look and feel. 3 Sketches are drawn for approval. Sasa will give you her input and intuitive feedback.


With your own beloved jewel /gemstone or the one we supply, we transform it into the design you have agreed upon. The metal karat and color is chosen and reimagined into shape.

The piece starts to come to life. An original work emerges from artistry that glows with your unique style and the craftsmanship of a master jeweler. This is the essence of your individuality!


An original hand made work of art is now yours to be cherished and worn with the knowledge it will last far beyond this lifetime.. Perhaps it will become the heirloom passed down to the next generation..

SASA creates a very special bit of happiness and a unique family and friendship bond that a piece of jewelry can engender.