Charming Sparkling Herkimer Diamond Pendant Set in an Angelic Halo of Solid 14K Gold Hand Made with Love


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With an angelic ‘halo’ of gold surrounding this sparkling Herkimer Diamond charm pendant set in solid 14k solid gold, its a piece you will want to wear all the time. Energy cleansing and oh so sweet.

Herkimer Diamonds grow in one place only, Herkimer, NY. That’s how they get their name. They are called diamonds because of their beauty and comparison to their much more expensive carbon diamond cousins.

This particular Herkimer Diamond is eye clean and totally natural and unaltered. It is exactly as it came out from deep in the earth, unpolished and uncut. A guaranteed conversation piece..a wonderful object of meditation for healing and vision work in the spiritual realm.

Native Americans consider Herkimers a remedy for bad dreams when worn or placed under your pillow. We consider them exquisite jewelry pieces and a thoughtful unique gift.

$350.00 (pendant only)
3/4 inches long, 7/16 inches wide
14K Yellow Gold
Natural uncut quartz

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 3 cm
Chain Length

16" Box Chain, 18" Box Chain, 20" Box Chain, 24" Box Chain, Pendant Only


Gold, Quartz, Stone