Graceful Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Earrings Wrapped in 14K Yellow Gold To Make You Smile


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The finest quartz crystal comes from Brazil. Here’s the sweetest pair of earrings to promote overall healing, good health and express great affection.

A sparkling gift for every occasion, Wedding, Mother’s Day, Engagement, Birthday, you name it. These crystals are tiny but mighty and full of brilliance.

The cleansing energy of clear quartz resets, recharges and amplifies positive intentions. The optically clear quartz is raw and natural and is surrounded by 14K yellow gold to add a bit of elegance as well.

Wonderful to meditate with and wear daily! Add them with other ear hoops and studs to make your personal statement if you have multiple piercings.

Other colors are available…..just open a custom order form and we will create your hearts pleasure:

Citrine: Mental clarity, creativity, manifestation, strength of will
Clear Quartz: Amplification of intent, cleansing, memory enhancement, healing
Smokey Quartz: Grounding, cleansing of negative energy, organization
Garnet: January birthstone, strength, security, emotional healing
Amethyst: Divine connection, protection, release of addiction
Blue Quartz: Mental clarity and insight, mediumship, comfort on earth

Price: $495.00
Setting: Handmade
Stone(s): Crystal Quartz
Cut: 6 sided crystal
Dimension(s): 12mm x 5mm Quartz Crystals, 2mm x 14mm Hoops
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Stone Origin:Brazil

Additional information

Dimensions 3 cm

Amethyst, Blue Quartz, Citrine, Garnet, Quartz, Smokey Quartz


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