Hand Carved Rutilated Smokey Quartz & Ametrine With Diamond Studded Enhancer Handmade In 14K


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This pendant has it all! A healthy sized, water clear Rutilated Smokey Quartz freeform with a second natural marvel: a 20mm x 12mm fantasy cut Ametrine, hand cut from both sides. And just to give it a little added “oomph” (as if it needed it!), the enhancer bail features four full cut 2mm white Diamonds. Wow!

One of nature’s most intriguing creations is rutilation, occuring when the Quartz “captures” titanium dioxide during the hardening process creating golden designs inside clear quartz specimens. The more prized pieces are worthy of being made into lovely jewelry pieces.

Ametrine, a natural stone phenomenon occurring deep in the earth, forms like most stones and is of the Quartz family. If the quartz becomes purple, it’s Amethyst. If the temperature increases sufficiently, the purple turns into varying shades of yellow known as Citrine. The two colors can merge, overlap, or stay separated. When they form connected patterning, voila, we have Ametrine.

This fancy stone deserves a fancy cut. A master cutter’s creative view. Be sure to give it full attention and notice the precise detail of this incredibly unique piece as there is only ONE. Please inquire for additional chain options.

Have a custom pair of earrings or ring to match made with SASA personally for you. Special individual design time is not only all FREE, we encourage it and we really like doing it! We offer set discounts! No added shipping costs for additional items.

All our jewelry are handmade in our California studio. You always get a One of a Kind art piece made especially for you.

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Price: $7,000.00 (pendant only)
Setting: Handmade One Of A Kind
Style: SASA Trademarked Art Deco
Stone(s): Rutilated quartz, Ametrine, Diamond
Cut: Freeform, Fancy, Faceted Round
Color(s): Purple, Yellow, Gold
Dimension(s): 3″ x 2.25″
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Hardness: 7, 7, 10
Stone Origin: Brazil, Bolivia, Non-conflict Diamonds

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Ametrine, Gold, Stone