Hessonite Garnet Glowing Cabochon Minimalist Ring in 14k Solid Gold


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This gorgeous glowing deep cinnamon orange Hessonite Garnet is exceptionally clear and luminous. Its lovely deep color shines brightly all the time.
In a classic, simply elegant handmade SASA designed 14K Yellow Gold setting, wear it everyday, it’s sturdy, durable, and so very comfortable.

Hessonite is a garnet family stone but it is different in chemical composition.

This size 7 ring can be re-sized to fit any finger. Ring sizing takes up to
10 days and always FREE to our customers.

Price: $750.00
Setting: Handmade
Style: SASA Trademarked Classic Cabochon Bezel Setting
Stone: Hessonite Garnet
Color:Cinnamon Burnt Orange
Size: 7
Dimension:10mm x 12mm oval Cabochon
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Hardness: 7
Stone Origin: Brazil

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Garnet, Stone