Incredible Shimmering Bright Blue Topaz Ring in a 14K Yellow Gold Handmade Setting


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Like jewels from the grotto, the shimmering blue of this bright ring draws your attention into its depths. Set in a solid handmade 14K gold setting with solid oval gold “bubbles” nestled next to the Blue Topaz Cabochon.
This size 7 ring can be re-sized to fit any finger.
Ring sizing takes approx. 10 days and is FREE!

Vibrant blue stones that possess both clarity and hardness, such as Blue Topaz, are a rarity. These stones are ideal for cutting and to use in jewelry being sturdy and so beautiful.
December’s birthstone.
Celebrate the 4th and 19th marriage anniversaries with this gemstone ring!

Price: $900.00
Stone: London Blue Topaz
Cut: Oval Cabochon 10mm x 12mm
Color: Blue
Size: 7
Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
Hardness: 8
Stone Origin: Brazil

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Gold, Stone, Topaz