Irreplaceable Large Ametrine Statement Ring in 14K Yellow Gold


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Bolivia is the home of Ametrine which is a natural stone phenomenon occurring deep in the earth. Amethyst, a Quartz forms like most stones. Heat and pressure on water and minerals that somehow all connect below ground form in their characteristic way. If the quartz becomes purple, its Amethyst. If the temperature increases sufficiently, the purple turns nto varying shades of yellow. This is Citrine. The two colors can merge, overlap, or stay separated. When they form connected patterning, voila, we have Ametrine,. And a new quartz is born!

Good cutters can see these patterns and select rough stones from which they can create intriguing designs and polish them to a high sheen. Ametrine has an other- worldly quality which has intrigued ancient peoples and jewelry designers for many a moon.

Here’s one of SASA’s. Hope you like it.

This is one of the most comfortable rings you’ll ever own. Its designed to follow the precise contours of your finger. Won’t turn on the finger and won’t become misshapen.

This size 7 1/2 ring can be re-sized down to 6 and up to 9. More extensive sizing requires making a new setting. Ring sizing takes 10 days and a new setting 3 weeks. Both processes are FREE to our customers.

Is there an item that you like but would prefer a different stone?
With most designs we can quickly make your preferred changes.
If not, we can build a new setting to accept your choices.
The only cost could be a result of your new stones being more expensive. If not the changes would all be FREE.

All our jewelry settings are handmade in our California studio. Stone combinations are used once. You always get a One of a Kind art piece made especially for you.

Please contact us with any questions or requests for special items or custom orders. There is never any additional charge for individual attention or a consultation.

Call us at 310-396-7084 PT or email to sasa[at] or via Etsy.

We offer fully insured FREE Shipping with UPS or USPS signature required. We offer a No Fault Refund Policy.

Price: $2,500.00
Setting: Handmade One Of A Kind
Style: SASA Trademarked Stirrup
Stone(s): Ametrine
Cut: Emerald 15 mm x 5 mm, 3 Carats
Color(s): Purple, Yellow
Size(s): 7 1/2
Metal: 14K Yellow gold
Hardness: 7
Stone Origin: Bolivia

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