Kissable Rose Quartz Carved Lips Nestled between a Strand of Faceted Pink Tourmaline and 14k Gold Beads OOAK!


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This amorous, sweetest of pink ‘Lips’ Necklace is made from a hand-cut and polished Brazilian Rose Quartz surrounded by a handmade 14k solid gold setting and at best, worn close to the heart. The lips are snuggled between a strand of faceted pink tourmaline and gold beads.

The Rose Quartz found its way here from Brazil where it waited eons and eons for a miner to find it, dig it up, ship it to the US of A where it was cut, polished and sold to a gem dealer who got in touch with SASA and told her he had “The Lips” she’d waited for so long. And now SASA is putting the word out on the ether to alert the world of their existence. Could that be You? Just consider this idyllic journey.

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11mm wide, 6.5 mm High Rose Quartz
2.25 mm Faceted Pink Tourmaline Beads
3mm Faceted 14K Gold Beads
Necklace is 18 inches long.

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Dimensions 18 × 11 × 6.5 cm

Gemstone, Gold, Rose quartz