Lapis Lazuli Bluest of Blue Charm Pendant in Solid 14K Yellow Gold With Glittering Pyrite


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Lapis Lazuli is a highly valued gemstone. The finest is considered to come from Afghanistan. Much folklore is attached to this amazing blue stone!

Solid 14K gold tubing surrounds the hole where a charm hoop (opens like a Huggy Hoop) is used to add any one of my single earrings or charms to the pendant..very unique!

Wear this bright blue Lapis with pyrite and calcite infused pendant singularly or layered with your favorite chains, beads and charms..make it your personal statement..a guaranteed charm to treasure!

Ground Lapis was and is still used by painters for its deep lustrous hue. Women in earlier times used it for eye make-up! Think Cleopatra!
No special care is required.

Lapis Lazuli is considered one of September’s Birthstones.

Price: $600.00 (pendant only)

Dimension(s): 1 1/2inches long x 1/2+inches wide

Stone Origin: Afghanistan

Additional information

Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

16" Box Chain 14K, 18" Box Chain 14K, 20" Box Chain 14K, 24" Box Chain 14K, Pendant Only


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