Rare Druzy necklace, Cats Eye Moonstone, White Sapphire & Black Tahitian Pearl encased in 18K white gold on 6 Strands of 16″ Kishi Pearls


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This splendid necklace demands all the extravagant and superlative praise possible. This is one of SASA’s all time hallmark creations. An art piece you could not expect to even come close to seeing anything like it again. Finding something like it with this level of design, goldsmithing, and gem selection would be difficult to even imagine.

Glittering rare grey Druzy quartz capped with a glorious Indian Moonstone with a flawless white Sapphire and lustrous South Sea Tahitian Pearl below. Suspended by 6 strands of detachable Kishi pearls from the Sea of Japan.

A stone earns an added attribute when natural crystals form on its surface creating a sparkling effect. The formation is called Drusy and forms on a number of different stones and varies in frequency. All are infrequent, some more rare than others.

This particular show stopper has several attractive aspects. The Kishi Pearls are easily removable and designed to be able to be worn alone. The length of the pearl strands can also be lengthened with chain extensions which SASA can provide. The entire back of the Drusy stone is fully backed with 18K white gold. The back of the hand cut trillion white Sapphire has been kept open allowing in as much light as possible and shows off its many facets. Be sure to turn the piece around and view it from its back.

This is a true heirloom piece worthy of staying in your family for generation after generation. Designed in a handmade guaranteed one of a kind setting of 18K white gold by SASA.

All our jewelry settings are handmade in our California studio. Stone combinations are used once. You always get a One of a Kind art piece made especially for you.

Please contact us with any questions or requests for special items or custom orders. There is never any additional charge for individual attention or a consultation.

Call us at 310-396-7084 PT or email to sasa[at]earthlink.net or via Etsy.

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Price: $8,500.00
Setting: Handmade
Style: SASA Original in Art Deco style
Stone(s): Speckled Drusy Quartz, Cats Eye Moonstone , Sapphire . Black Tahitian Pearl, Kishi Pearls
Cuts: Druzy, Moonstone: Cabochon. Sapphire: Trillion Fantasy cut. Natural Pearl
Color(s): Drusy: Grey speckled with black, Moonstone: light grey , Sapphire: White, Tahitian Pearl: black, Kishi Pearls: grey
Size: 3 1/4″ x 2 1/4″. Kishi strands are 16″.
Dimension(s): Drusy: 58mm x 28mm, Moonstone: 20mm round, Sapphire: 10mm x 10mm x10mm, Tahitian Pearl: 11mm round, Kishi Pearls: 5mm x 2mm each
Metal: 18K White Gold
Hardness: Drusy: 7, Moonstone: 6 1.2 , Sapphire: 9 , Pearls: 4 1/24
Stone Origin: Drusy: Brazil, Moonstone: India, Sapphire: Thailand, Tahitian Pearls: Tahiti, Kishi Pearls: Sea of Japan

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